Quang Ninh has been gifted Ha Long bay in the nature, which was two times recognized as the world’s natural heritage. Currently, Ha Long has been leading the G poll panel in the competition of voting 7 world’s natural wonders. The local and international tourists visiting Quang Ninh cannot miss the unbreathtakingly beautiful Ha Long Bay.

Once traveling to Ha Long, one specialty symbolizing Ha Long bay that the tourists cannot forget to bring home some kilograms of Cha Muc (the Grilled Chopped Squid) as a gift for friends or relatives. The Grilled Chopped Squid is a cuisine imbued with the national character. Ha Long Grilled Chopped Squid has its own flavor, color and tastes which cannot be mistaken with those from other places.

Ha Long has many processing and manufacturing plants of the Grilled Chopped Squid, but the brand name “Thoan – Cha Muc” is the unique one. “Thoan – Cha Muc” has its own manufacturing plant, tradition, and secret, from the selecting materials, processing, preparing, and pounding squids to frying oil selection and frying method secret. Once enjoying the Grilled Chopped Squid in Ha Long, the guests cannot forget the plant “Thoan – Cha Muc” in 36-37 booth, Ha Long market which has been famous for many years.

“Thoan – Cha Muc” has vacuum packaging technology. Therefore, remote customers can purchase the grilled chopped squid in the plant “Thoan – Cha Muc” and they can just fry a little bit before eating and the squid is still delicious and fragrant as the fresh one.

Particularly, the products of “Thoan – Cha Muc” ensure absolutely the food safety and “Vietnam high quality goods” standard.


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